August 1, 2016

Yamaha Jointly Sponsors the "YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016"

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Yamaha Corporation is a joint sponsor of the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016" and will explore the possibilities of open innovation with talented creators.

[ image ]  YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016

The "YouFab Global Creative Awards" (organized by FabCafe) have been held annually since 2012 and are global creative awards given for "Fabrication" or "Fab" for short. The purpose of these awards is to recognize excellence in new-era creative work, including products, art, architecture, and other activities, and made using digital fabrication tools. Last year, 152 entries were submitted from 26 countries and regions. The grand prize winner chosen in 2015 was a Kinematic Dress composed of thousands of unique interlocking components that were 3D printed as a single folded piece.

[ image ] "Kinematic Dress" chosen for the grand prize in 2015
"Kinematic Dress" chosen for the grand prize in 2015
[ image ] Creator: nervous system (United States)
Creator: nervous system (United States)

This time, for the fifth annual awards, Yamaha became a joint sponsor of the "YouFab Global Creative Awards." A special prize "Yamaha Award" was created to give to works that have significance in continuity. The theme of the Yamaha Award is "The switch to your emotions." Yamaha wants to have entries that are free and not bound by conventional common sense.

For Yamaha this time, its joint sponsorship is aimed at discovering top-flight creators through this creative contest and to undertake new initiatives for open innovation. After the conclusion of the awards event also, Yamaha will work for interchange with top-flight creators, mainly among the winners of the Yamaha Award, and wants to encourage the creation of new value.

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  • Note: Acceptance of works for the award will begin on August 1, 2016.