October 6, 2016

Seven Yamaha Designs
Selected in the Good Design Awards 2016

"Omotenashi Guide", a Sound Universal Design Support System
Has Been Selected for the Good Design Best 100

Yamaha Corporation announces that seven of its designs received Good Design Awards, one of the most famous design awards in Japan, this year.
Especially, "Omotenashi Guide", a sound universal design support system, was selected for the Good Design Best 100 that is presented to those with a particularly high evaluation among award-winning products.

&Y01, the electrically power-assisted wheelchair that plays music, jointly designed as a working concept model with Yamaha Motors, won a joint award and is the first design award that we have shared with Yamaha Motors.

All of award-winning designs have the same fundamental Yamaha design philosophy behind them. This philosophy calls for creating products that realize the goals of "being loved and used for the long term", "gradually increasing in value over time", "having simple designs", and "achieving a balance between carefully selected materials and a beautiful finish".

Good Design Best 100: Sound Universal Design Support System "OMOTENASHI GUIDE"

From announcements at airports, transport facilities, and shopping centers to guides at tourist spots, shows and parades at theme parks, and emergency announcements, our cities are full of sound-based information. However, this information is incomprehensible to people who do not understand Japanese, and difficult to convey to the hearing impaired and elderly people whose hearing is failing. "Omotenashi Guide" is intended to "design sound to provide universal understanding," using Yamaha's original technology to deliver information to users'smartphones and digital signage in language they can understand.

Electric Violin "YEV Series"

Combining superb playability with a beautiful design, the YEV is a next-generation electric violin perfect for stage use. Extremely strong and lightweight, the YEV stands out on stage for having no apparent rear surface regardless of the angle it is viewed from, and breaks down the barriers of genre to represent the greater freedom of the music world. There are four instruments in the series, with both four- (YEV104) and five-string (YEV105) models, in natural and black variations.

Plant-based Plastic Recorder "YRS-401/YRS-402B/YRA-48B/YRA-402B/YRSA-402B"

Environmentally friendly recorders feature biomass-derived resin made from biological sources. Polylactic acid resin―a form of biomass-derived resin―was combined with ABS resin to achieve equivalent quality as ABS resin while reducing CO2 output by 20%.
These recorders possess the same rich, mellow tone as a wooden recorder, with excellent resonance. The instruments themselves are the color of corn―one of the raw ingredients of the biomass resin―while the case provided is a subtle color reminiscent of plant leaves.

Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker "NS-5000"

Next-generation technology has been integrated into these speakers, which represent a new standard in sound. The newly developed speaker diaphragm made from 100% ZYLON®, a synthetic fiber created in Japan rated as the world's strongest* and boasting optimum elasticity, delivers consistent and, powerful sound with low distortion across a broad frequency range. The body features the same coating and base material as a grand piano, with a black piano finish that provides a uniform film for improved rigidity. We investigated the qualities needed in a flagship speaker in the era of high-resolution audio, and the resulting sound sets the standard for the next generation of hi-fi speakers.

  • *Comparative data concerning all existing organic fibers (source: Toyobo Co., Ltd., May 2015)

Digital Sound Projector "YSP-2700"

The YSP-2700 is a home audio system with a slim, single-bar body that offers real 7.1 channel surround playback. The 16 speakers located in the center of the enclosure body, which incorporated Yamaha's original YSP technology, emit sound beams, reflecting sound off the room walls to create a sound field rich in ambience. The YSP-2700 also embraces the MusicCast® concept of sharing cloud-based music and streaming services, allowing simultaneous playback on compatible devices installed in multiple different rooms.

Acoustic equipment for facilities in commercial spaces "MA/PA series", "VXS series/VXS series F model", "VXC series/VXC series F model"

System solutions that are safe and simple to set up and operate allow high quality sound environments to be created in commercial spaces, such as restaurants, where background music systems are commonly found. The MA/PA series are highly efficient amplifiers that can be easily operated by people without in-depth knowledge of audio equipment. VCX/VXS series F model speakers are tuned to achieve expressive music reproduction even at low volume levels and have been designed with an emphasis on installation flexibility and the ability to match almost any decor.

The electrically power-assisted wheelchair that performs music "&Y01"

Jointly developed by Yamaha and Yamaha Motors as a design concept model based on the image of a white yacht sailing freely through the waves, the &Y01 is being used at various events and performances. A thin, light, flexible TLF speaker shaped to evoke the image of a boat's sail or a musical note's flag is mounted onto a JW Swing, a light and smooth-running power-assisted wheelchair, and combines with the slim percussive instruments on both wheels to create a new experience of riding a musical instrument. Its users spontaneously become performers, at one with their surroundings by producing sound and music as they move.

The Good Design Award is a comprehensive and annual program for the evaluation and commendation of design, organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Its origin was the "Good Design Selection System" established in 1957 by Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Since then, it has been given to approximately 43,000 outstanding designs for about 60 years. Since 1957, Yamaha's designs have won 273 awards and received many kinds of awards from the Good Design Award.
Good Design Award Official Website: http://www.g-mark.org/?locale=en