March 13, 2017

Yamaha's "YEV" Electric Violin Wins Top Prize in International German iF Award 2017

First Gold Award for Yamaha in This Competition

Yamaha Corporation's electric violin YEV has been awarded the iF Gold Award, the top prize in the internationally prestigious German iF Design Award competition for 2017. This is the first time for Yamaha to be selected for the iF Gold Award.

This award ( is presented by the international design promotion organization iF Industrie Forum Design e.V., which is based in Hannover, Germany. Presented to award winners since 1953, the iF Design Award is internationally recognized and is given to industrial and other products with outstanding design that have been selected from among candidates drawn from around the world. This year, a total of 5,575 products from 59 countries and regions were submitted for the competition and only 75 were selected to receive gold awards.

Note that, including the iF Gold Award win by YEV, Yamaha received a total of three awards at iF Design Awards 2017. The other two were its REVSTAR, electric guitar and the &Y01 (pronounced "Andy zero one") which is a musical, power-assisted wheelchair jointly designed with Yamaha Motors Co., Ltd.

The Electric Violin YEV Series combines superb playability on concert stages with a design that is beautiful from every angle point. Based on Yamaha's superlative woodworking technology, the design successfully draws on the beautiful appearance of the wooden surfaces to realize a 3D arched body and mobius frame. The lightweight design, natural touch, and graceful curves allow players who are accustomed to playing acoustic violins to switch effortlessly to the YEV. This is clearly a next-generation violin that makes free expression in any musical genre possible at any time.

Comment from the Judge

Shaped into a beautiful silhouette with skillfully applied wood details, this next-generation violin takes design reduction to its logical conclusion. By removing as much material as functionally possible, Yamaha maintains the identifying shape of a violin while eliminating the rest. The YEV electric violin is an exquisite musical instrument that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to play and listen to. (By Kazushige Miyake)

[ Image ] iF DESIGN AWARD 2017

"REVSTAR" Electric Guitars

REVSTAR is a new series of Yamaha electric guitars that draws inspiration from custom-made motorcycles, Japanese craftsmanship and cultural heritage. The guitars, equipped with a range of custom-wound pickups and a unique Dry Switch, produce a powerful yet refined sound responding to the musical expression of individual players. Guitarists can choose from a diverse lineup of distinctive colors and finishes to match their original style. Ground-up body design together with a new neck joint offers refreshingly good playability and a high-level of durability.

The electrically power-assisted wheelchair that performs music "&Y01"

Jointly developed by Yamaha and Yamaha Motors as a design concept model based on the image of a white yacht sailing freely through the waves, the &Y01 is being used at various events and performances. A thin, light, flexible TLF speaker shaped to evoke the image of a boat's sail and a musical note's flag is mounted onto a JW Swing, a light and smooth-running power-assisted wheelchair developed by Yamaha Motor. This innovative product combines with the slim percussive instruments installed on both wheels to create a new experience of riding a musical instrument. Its users spontaneously become performers, at one with their surroundings by producing sound and music as they move.

"Yamaha Design" Yamaha Corporation