September 26, 2018

Yamaha and Hanoi National University of Education Sign MOU

Related to Instituting Teacher Training Courses for Instrumental Music Education in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam―Yamaha Music Vietnam Company Limited signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on August 30, 2018 with Hanoi National University of Education (located in Hanoi, Vietnam; President Dr. Nguyen Van Minh) regarding the establishment of teacher training courses for instrumental music education in Vietnam. This MOU was signed at Hanoi National University of Education in the presence of representatives of the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). The signing ceremony also included a recorder ensemble performance by Vietnamese primary school students who are members of a local recorder club.

[ Image ] MOU Signing Ceremony
MOU Signing Ceremony
Right: Dr. Nguyen Van Minh, President of Hanoi National University of Education
Left: Makoto Tani, General Director of Yamaha Music Vietnam
[ Image ] Primary school students perform on recorders they learned to play in a local recorder club
Primary school students perform on recorders they learned to play in a local recorder club

Yamaha, as a comprehensive manufacturer of musical instruments, has been spreading the merits of music education learned through actual performance with musical instruments, to many schools in various countries and regions.

Vietnam is one of the countries where Yamaha has engaged in these activities. Vietnam is on the verge of introducing a revised "Course of Study" in 2019 and, as part of this, Yamaha is aiming to introduce instrumental music education and establish it as a permanent part of Vietnam's education curricula. Yamaha is actively helping creating model cases through organizing music clubs in 10 cities in Vietnam, providing support for revising music textbooks, and offering active support for training music teachers.

Yamaha is implementing this series of initiatives in Vietnam with the cooperation of Yokohama National University, Kyoiku Geijutsu Sha Co., Ltd. (one of Japan's music textbook publishers), and the Japanese School of Hanoi. In 2016, these activities in Vietnam were selected as a "2016 EDU-Port Certified Project" *1, which is being conducted by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), to disseminate Japanese-style education overseas. In October 2017, an MOU was signed with Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training regarding instrumental music education.*2.

With this as background, in June 2018, this Yamaha educational initiative in Vietnam was selected to receive support from JETRO, which has given them the name "J-Challenge Program."

The objective of this MOU is to create a framework to facilitate promotion of music teacher training initiatives, which are being conducted with the cooperation of JETRO, as part of Vietnam's instrumental music education initiatives. From August through December of 2018, a new course named "Teaching Methods for Instrumental Music" is being offered at the Hanoi National University of Education. This course, which will involve the seconding of specialist personnel from Japan, will train local students learning in the university who can provide direction in instrumental music education in primary and middle school classes. This course will be open not only to students enrolled in the Hanoi National University of Education but also to core members of Vietnam's music education community. With a view to possible expansion of these activities to other universities of education, we will aim to structure frameworks that will enable others to take autonomous initiatives in teacher training in Vietnam.

Following the recent signing of this MOU, Yamaha and Yamaha Music Vietnam will implement even stronger initiatives to place the introduction and spread of instrumental music education on a sound footing. Through these activities, we are committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration.

Nguyen Van Minh, President of Hanoi National University of Education

Hanoi National University of Education is collaborating with Yamaha under the support of JETRO to invite Japanese scholars and experts to give lectures for music students in this university so that they can use and teach the musical instruments used in the reformed music curriculum effectively. Starting from today, our students can acquire music skills and learn to play musical instruments such as recorders, Pianicas, and popular percussion instruments under the guidance of Japanese lecturers and experts.

The enthusiasm of the company and ourselves has resulted in the MOU signing ceremony today. I'd like to thank Yamaha Company for providing the support of their experts and infrastructure for the teaching program. I believe this collaboration will become stronger and fruitful.

Hironobu Kitagawa, Head of JETRO's Hanoi Representative Office

Yamaha's program is supported by our framework "J-Challenge Program". This project is an epoch-making undertaking with the aim of contributing to addressing the social issues of other countries by utilizing Japanese companies' excellent knowledge, know-how, and technology, etc. Their know-how and knowledge will be utilized for the development of the educational field in Vietnam, and I think Vietnam will become a leading example in Asia. The spread of instrumental music education in Vietnam will not be easy in a short period. Therefore, it is essential to have the cooperation and support of the Vietnamese people, and, especially, I want to thank everyone participating here today. As one of the governmental organizations of Japan, we would also highly appreciate your continuing support.

Makoto Tani, General Director of Yamaha Music Vietnam Company Limited

First of all, I would like to express our gratitude for today's signing which is built on a deep understanding of music education. Yamaha has a long history in supporting music education not only in Japan but globally. In Vietnam we have started recorder teaching clinics for elementary school teachers in 3 cities and 10 provinces. For most teachers it is the first time for them to be introduced to recorders, however, due to their music ability and enthusiasm, I have witnessed significant improvement in skill as well as a growing passion for the instrument within 3 clinics. I'm sure their passion will drive recorder instruction in each classroom for their students. We are looking forward to seeing the new generations of teachers take advantage of this great program developed with Yokohama National University, which accesses their expertise in teachers' education with musical instruments with the support of JETRO, to expand the circle of joy in playing musical instruments. I hope this relationship will lead a fruitful future of quality education in the music education field in Vietnam.