Yamaha's First Ever Automotive Sound System to Bring Superior Sound Experience to Lynk & Co New Electric Vehicle

Providing the ideal audio experience for the CASE era

HAMAMATSU, JAPAN, September 28―Yamaha's automotive sound system will be adopted for the first time ever by Geely Group's Lynk & Co for its new Electric Vehicle (EV). This historic order of Yamaha's automotive sound system represents the pursuit of audio experiences suited to automotive vehicles in the new era symbolized by the acronym CASE*1.

  • *1 CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Sharing, Electric vehicle — an acronym expressing new possibilities for vehicles.
[ Image ] Concept car announced at Auto China 2020 modeled on Yamaha-equipped EV
Concept car announced at Auto China 2020 modeled on Yamaha-equipped EV
[ Image ] Yamaha's automotive sound system
Yamaha's automotive sound system

The evolution of automobiles has been remarkable. The spread of electric vehicles (EVs) has led to quieter vehicle interiors, and the development of autonomous driving technology has created a more relaxing driving experience. As a company that has always been creating new musical and listening experiences, Yamaha has eagerly pursued the ideal form of sound for vehicle spaces in the CASE era.

At this time, driven by the concept "Closer To The Artist" with the desire to deliver the excitement of the moment when music is born, Yamaha has developed a speaker system and an amplifier module that allow listeners to immerse themselves in a world of music even inside the car. Besides the rich music experience, the unique EV acceleration sound technology brings added excitement when enjoying sports driving too. Yamaha's automotive sound system supports OTA (Over The Air) technology for updating sound data after purchase in line with the demands of modern values to seek out richer, new experiences.

It has been decided that Yamaha's sound system will be adopted for the first time ever in the electric vehicle scheduled for release under the Lynk & Co brand. This new model is being developed using the company's first EV platform, SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture). The mass-produced Lynk & Co EV concept car, the ZERO Concept, announced at Auto China 2020, is scheduled for release for sale in 2021 not only in China, but globally.

"Yamaha has been developing musical instruments, PA equipment, hi-fi audio, and other products over 130 years. We believe that our technical expertise, cultivated by delivering emotional experiences to customers, can also be applied to the automotive industry, which is going through a transformational period," said Shigeki Fujii, Executive Officer and General Manager of IMC Business Division, Yamaha Corporation. "For some time, we have been developing and selling signal processing LSIs for automotive use. Now, by combining together speakers and amplifier technologies, which are Yamaha's specialties, we have created a complete automotive sound system. We intend to develop this business to realize our brand promise, Make Waves, which means inspiring experiences for our customers, even inside vehicles."

Yamaha will further expand its deployment of automotive sound systems in Japan and overseas, seeking to provide emotional experiences commuting in vehicles.

Through all of its speakers, amplifiers, and digital signal processing, Yamaha's automotive sound system is committed to faithfully reproducing musical instruments. By specially designing a sound system that integrates with the individuality and concept of each vehicle and the values of each manufacturer, Yamaha creates optimum audio that can only be truly experienced inside that car. Yamaha also offers a variety of audio solutions inside the vehicle to color the driving experience with sound.

Speaker units: Deepen and sharpen all musical instruments and vocal tones

The materials comprising the speaker units have been carefully selected from diaphragm to edge. Designed with careful attention to the movement of the diaphragm, so distortion is suppressed, and instrumental overtones resonate beautifully. The playback range of the unit, assigned exclusively for vehicles, makes vocals feel distinct and delivers the throb of bass instruments with deep richness. Placement and orientation of speakers have been rigorously discussed with automotive manufacturers to achieve clearer sound quality.

Amplifier: A2B compatible, equipped with original DSP

Compatible with A2B digital audio interface signal transmission technology designed for the automotive field. By sending digital signals to the amplifier without undergoing analog conversion, sounds are reproduced more clearly. It is also equipped with Yamaha's proprietary audio DSP to provide various functionality.

Digital signal processing: Phitune delivers optimum sound to every seat

A vehicle interior is a complex acoustic space. Advanced signal processing is required to deliver optimum sound to every seat. Yamaha has equipped its proprietary DSP chip with Phitune, a signal processing technology based on the technical expertise cultivated in developing and manufacturing PA equipment and recording equipment. This has achieved the best delivery of sound to every seat.

Acceleration sound technology: Expanding the possibilities of driving pleasure

Yamaha provides a variety of acceleration sounds linked to driving, from traditional engine sounds to completely new EV acceleration sounds. After comprehensive consideration of the vehicle concept, Yamaha engineers produced completely new sound sources using synthesizers. Applying Yamaha's technical expertise cultivated in electronic musical instruments, this system seamlessly creates the sound of acceleration inside the vehicle by connecting sound waves based on vehicle speed information and accelerator pedal movements.

OTA updates supported: Always providing new sound experiences, even after purchase

Compatible with OTA (Over The Air) specifications for updating software wirelessly. While the vehicle is parked, audio settings data and acceleration sound content are updated, so the very next time you get in the car, a new sound experience begins. This function corresponds to the shift in modern values from ownership to experience.

An emerging brand of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Headquarters: Hangzhou, China / Chairman: Li Shufu), which owns VOLVO and Lotus. Since first appearing in 2016, Lynk & Co has mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of "connected cars," and has won recognition not only for its sophisticated designs and concepts, but also its unique sales strategy centered on online sales. For Lynk & Co's first model, the 01, orders were received online for 6,000 cars in just 137 seconds, which garnered huge attention all over the world. Its products are principally designed and engineered in Sweden and will be sold not only in China, but globally.


Since its founding in 1887, the Yamaha Corporation Group has developed its business activities focusing on musical instruments, audio products, Yamaha music schools, semiconductors, and other products and services related to sound and music. Since 1989, Yamaha has provided interior parts for high-end vehicles by combining the timber processing, painting, precision molding, and design capabilities it cultivated through the manufacture of pianos. From 2018, Yamaha has been manufacturing and selling products for automobiles, including hands-free call modules for Automatic Collision Notification systems (eCall), which are being introduced internationally as standard specifications for the next generation of vehicles. With our unique expertise and sensibilities, gained from our devotion to sound and music, Yamaha is committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.


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