Yamaha’s Automotive Speaker System to Bring Superior Sound
Experience to New MG5 from SAIC Motor’s MG

HAMAMATSU, JAPAN, October 19―Yamaha’s automotive speaker system will be adopted by SAIC Motor’s MG Cars for its new MG5. Sales of the new MG5 are set to begin in November 2020, making it the first available vehicle to feature Yamaha’s automotive speaker system.

[ Image ] New MG5 set to feature the speaker system
New MG5 set to feature the speaker system
[ Image ] Yamaha brand logo on the door speaker grill
Yamaha brand logo on the door speaker grill

Driven by the concept "Closer To The Artist" with the desire to deliver the excitement of the moment when music is born, Yamaha continues to develop its automotive sound system business.

It has been decided that Yamaha’s six-speaker sound system will be adopted for use as a standard feature in the highest-grade model of the new MG5. Not only does the system offer speaker units with high sound quality, but Yamaha’s commitment to quality is also reflected in the system’s signal processing, which delivers sound optimized for vehicle interior acoustics by Yamaha engineers. The simple six-speaker configuration produces efficient, refined sound for a richer, more vibrant driving experience.

Yamaha will further expand its deployment of automotive sound systems in Japan and overseas, seeking to provide more emotional experiences to the market.

Woofers (low-frequency sound, 160mm diameter):
Designed to support even lower reproducible frequencies, these speakers offer enhanced driver performance by incorporating a powerful magnetic circuit and multiple coils. The wider bass range of the speakers allow the listener to fully enjoy the vibrant dynamics created by the deepest lows.

Tweeters (high-frequency sound, 25mm diameter):
Produced from carefully selected materials, these speakers ensure a light weight by incorporating silk for the diaphragms and copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW) for the coils. More intricately detailed audio reproduction emphasizes the exquisite sound of acoustic musical instruments.

[ Image ] Speaker system for the new MG5
Speaker system for the new MG5

Through all of its speakers, amplifiers, and digital signal processing, Yamaha's automotive sound system is committed to faithfully reproducing musical instruments. By specially designing a sound system that integrates with the individuality and concept of each vehicle and the values of each manufacturer, Yamaha creates optimum audio that can only be truly experienced inside that car. Yamaha also offers a variety of audio solutions inside the vehicle to color the driving experience with sound.


Founded in 1955, SAIC Motor (Headquarters: Shanghai, China / Deputy Chairman: Chen Hong) is China’s largest auto company. The company has joint ventures with Volkswagen (Germany) and General Motors (USA) to manufacture and sell a wide range of vehicles. In 2019, SAIC Motor achieved sales of 6.238 million vehicles, accounting for its leading share of 22.7 percent of the Chinese market. In addition to vehicle manufacture and sales, SAIC Motor’s diverse business also includes production and sales of auto parts, active development of new energy vehicles and connected cars, and more.


Since its founding in 1887, the Yamaha Corporation Group has developed its business activities focusing on musical instruments, audio products, Yamaha music schools, semiconductors, and other products and services related to sound and music. Since 1989, Yamaha has provided interior parts for high-end vehicles by combining the timber processing, painting, precision molding, and design capabilities it cultivated through the manufacture of pianos. From 2018, Yamaha has been manufacturing and selling products for automobiles, including hands-free call modules for Automatic Collision Notification systems (eCall), which are being introduced internationally as standard specifications for the next generation of vehicles. With our unique expertise and sensibilities, gained from our devotion to sound and music, Yamaha is committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.