Yamaha to Begin Offering Samples of YGPX024 TEG Module for Vehicle Use

Achieves Effective Usage of Waste Heat, Largest Footprint and Highest Power Output in the Industry

Yamaha Corporation has developed the YGPX024, the world's largest*1 and most powerful*2 thermoelectric power generation (TEG) module using automotive exhaust gas heat energy to generate power. Sample sales are set to begin March 5 (JST).

[ Image ] YGPX024

Global warming is an ongoing challenge. Hybrid vehicles and EVs have become a new trend in the automobile industry, while new energy and dispersed power sources are becoming popular power supply measures. Yamaha has a long history of producing thermoelectric cooler modules for optical communication networks, such as 5G, and has adapted its knowledge, experience, and proprietary technology to develop the YGPX024 TEG module, which it expects to contribute to CO2 reduction and human society.

The YGPX024 module generates electricity using temperature differences between the top and bottom surfaces and offers high power density with an enlarged footprint of 143mm x 103mm, a size previously difficult to achieve. A single module can generate up to 143W of electricity. As part of an automotive exhaust system, the module uses exhaust gas heat energy to contribute to CO2 reductions and improved fuel efficiency. Other conceivable usages include utilizing factory waste heat, co-generation, stationary fuel cell batteries, and more.

1. World's most powerful TEG module*2

The YGPX024 uses know-how cultivated by thermoelectric technology development, including high-performance thermoelectric materials and precise mounting technology, to achieve high operating temperatures (max. 400°C / reg. 300°C) and high output density. The result is the world's highest electricity output. A single module can generate 143W (1.5W/cm2 output density*3) of electricity when the temperature difference between the two sides is 385°C (high 400°C, low 15°C). In automotive applications, with a predicted difference of 185°C (high 285°C, low 100°C), the module can achieve a high output of 40W.

2. World's largest*1 TEG module with high reliability

The YGPX024 is designed to be usable in the toughest operating environments, including automotive applications. It uses Yamaha's proprietary stress relaxation structure and stainless encapsulation structure. As a result, it is the world's largest TEG module with high reliability, with an operational lifetime equivalent to 150,000km driving distance in an automotive application. While an ordinary vehicle might have previously required dozens or even hundreds of modules, a drastic reduction in numbers is possible thanks to the size and reliability of the YGPX024.

3. Mounts easily

The YGPX024 has a moderate flexibility that offers excellent thermal contact. This eliminates the need for cumbersome processes such as grease application and anti-oxidation/condensation measures. By simply pressing the module between the heat source and cooling surface, power generation begins.

TEG modules take advantage of the upper and lower surfaces, thermoelectric materials accumulate thermopower, which can be converted to electricity. Modules have no mechanical moving parts, and thus a low failure rate. Because of this, along with their high-density output, TEG modules are expected to contribute greatly to energy harvesting systems utilizing renewable energy.

[ Image ] TEG module structure
TEG module structure
Example of TEG module application using automotive exhaust gas energy
[ Image ] Examples of other TEG module applications
Examples of other TEG module applications

Further information, including sample specifications, is available at:

  • *1,2 As of 2021, based on internal investigation
  • *3 Output density is per high temperature surface