YDS-150 Digital Saxophone Wins Top Award in the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021

− THR-II Guitar Amp Wins Gold Award, Securing Three International Design Awards for Both Products −

Yamaha Corporation announces that its YDS-150 digital saxophone has been selected for the most prestigious Grand Award in the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021. The THR-II guitar amp was also selected for the Gold Award. This is the third international design award to be won by both the YDS-150 and THR-II, following the Red Dot Design Award (2021) and iF Design Award (2021).

YDS-150 Digital Saxophone (Grand Award)

The YDS-150 is a revolutionary new wind instrument designed to allow anyone to experience the joy of performing, anytime, anywhere. The instrument retains the full expressiveness of the saxophone, yet it can be as quiet as you want, making it more convenient and easier to play. Sound can be produced by simply blowing into the mouthpiece, while volume and tone can be carefully modulated using the intensity of the breath, resulting in a wind instrument which can cater to the expressive needs of both beginners and experienced players alike. The YDS-150 also features an Integrated Bell Acoustic System that combines acoustic saxophone construction with digital technologies to deliver the natural feel and resonance of an acoustic saxophone to the player's fingers and body for a more enjoyable playing experience, as if the instrument were an extension of the player's own body.

THR-II Guitar Amp (Gold Award)

The THR-II is the second-generation model of THR series amps first released in 2011 to meet the needs of guitarists wanting to simply enjoy playing anytime, anywhere, even when away from the stage or studio. In order to respond to the demands of today's guitarists, the THR-II offers even more realistic tube-amp tones and the top model is a fully wireless guitar amp that requires absolutely no cables. The controls maintain a traditional feel that allows intuitive operation and the new-retro design features speaker grill lighting inspired by vintage tube amps for a truly satisfying guitar playing experience.

The DFA Design for Asia Awards is a Hong Kong Design Centre program that was launched in Hong Kong in 2003 to celebrate design excellence and acknowledge outstanding designs with Asian perspectives. DFA awards are presented to companies and designers whose superior work reflects Asian lifestyles and who are influential in the design field. In addition to the top prize—the Grand Award—and three other special awards, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit Awards are presented to winners chosen from a total of 24 different categories. Yamaha has now received a total of nine DFA Design for Asia Awards, including the Grand Award for its SILENT Brass™ in 2014 and its YEV electric violin in 2017, and the Grand Award with Special Mention for its Venova™ casual wind instrument in 2018.

DFA Design for Asia Awards Official Website: https://dfaa.dfaawards.com/

Yamaha Design Official Website: https://www.yamaha.com/en/about/design/