Three Yamaha Products Selected in the Good Design Awards 2015 "reface" Mobile Mini Keyboards and "Relit LSX-70/LSX-170" Lighting Audio Systems Have Been Selected for the Good Design Best 100

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Yamaha Corporation announces that three of its products received Good Design Awards, one of the most famous design awards in Japan, this year. These were the "reface" mobile mini keyboards, "Relit LSX-70 and LSX-170" lighting audio systems, and the "YSP-1600" digital sound projector.

Of these three, "reface" and "Relit LSX-70 and LSX-170" were also selected for the Good Design Best 100, which are candidates for Special Awards (including the Gold and Grand Awards).

All of these winning products have the same fundamental Yamaha design philosophy behind them. This philosophy calls for creating products that realize the goals of "being loved and used for the long term," "gradually increasing in value over time," "having simple designs," and "achieving a balance between carefully selected materials and a beautiful finish."

Award-Winning Yamaha Products

The Best 100: "reface" Mobile Mini Keyboards

The "reface" keyboards aim for top-level performance capabilities in a compact housing. These products were developed by "reimagining" Yamaha's synthesizer and keyboard technologies, which have won acclaim in the market thus far, into a new, modern package that meets the needs of the "on-the-go lifestyles" of today's generation of mobile musicians. Yamaha offers a lineup of four instruments in this series: the "reface CS," "reface DX," "reface CP," and "reface YC."

In creating these new designs, the original keyboard designs have been used as motifs to form the basis for the exterior appearance. By offering a familiar appearance in a modern-style arrangement and simple player interfaces designed separately for each instrument, these keyboards, even though compact, provide a presence and feeling of top quality. With the "reface" keyboards, setup anywhere is quick and easy, and musicians can realize creativity anywhere.

The Best 100: "Relit LSX-70 and LSX-170" Lightning Audio Systems

LSX-170 (left) and LSX-70 (right)

The Relit LSX-70 and LSX-170 combine wireless audio reproduction with room illumination. The LSX-70 is the lighter model, weighing about 950 grams with a rechargeable battery, and it has a compact cylindrical shape. It can be carried easily from the living room to the study, bedroom, and elsewhere. The LSX-170, which has a solid, circular base intended for placement in one location, emits a beautiful, mysterious glow, and its refined body projects a solid presence into the room.

Both lighting audio systems enable users to easily listen to musical content transmitted via Bluetooth® wireless systems from their smartphones, tablet computers, and other sources. With a dedicated application, users can adjust the sound quality and set timers for the music as well as lighting functions from their mobile device screens. In addition, the speakers installed in these systems offer 360-degree sound projection, thus enabling them to blend into daily life scenes and bring soothing music and luxurious lighting at mealtime and for relaxation.

"YSP-1600" Digital Sound Projector

This is a new addition to Yamaha's unique sound projector 'YSP' series which can make surround sound by beaming sounds onto the walls. This sound projector can offer excellent reproduction with its realistic surround sound not only of TV programs, movies, and musical performances but also the very latest program content, including 4K broadcasts. Through its "one bar" concept, the slim body makes it extremely easy to position the unit in front of a TV, ensuring that the screen is not blocked. In addition, the YSP-1600 has a TV remote control repeater function on the back of the body that can receive signals from remote control units, and there is no interference with the remote control operation even for TVs with light receptors that are set in a low position. The external appearance of the YSP-1600 features a luxurious hairline pattern on the top, a high-quality mat finish on the front, and a mirror-like finish on the cutaway portion in between, thus projecting a feeling of a rich diversity of visual patterns.

Schedule for Exhibition of Good Design Award Products

These award-winning Yamaha products are scheduled for display as winners in 2015 at the Good Design Exhibition 2015 (G Exhibition) to be held at the Tokyo Midtown complex from October 30 to November 4, 2015. The Good Design Special Awards (Gold and Grand Awards) will be announced at the exhibition venue.

About Good Design Award

Good Design Award is a comprehensive and annual program for the evaluation and commendation of design, organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Its origin was "Good Design Selection System" established in 1957 by Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Since then, it has been given to approximately 42,000 outstanding designs for about 60 years. Since 1957, Yamaha's designs have won 270 awards and received many kinds of awards from the Good Design Award.

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