Yamaha Named a Thomson Reuters 2015 Top 100 Global Innovator

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Yamaha Corporation has recently been named a Thomson Reuters 2015 Top 100 Global Innovator.
Yamaha was named based on the high appraisal of its intellectual property activities in Japan and overseas. This was the third time between 2011 and 2015 that Yamaha was selected for this recognition and 2015 was the second consecutive year.

Going forward, Yamaha will continue its intellectual property activities by further accumulating its stock of intellectual assets, including patents. At the same time, Yamaha is committed to respecting the intellectual property of others.

Reasons for Yamaha's Selection (From Thomson Reuters)

Yamaha Corporation performed very well in three of four criteria, success, globalization and influence which used for 'Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators 2015'. Especially, their globalization score outperformed last year and led Yamaha Corporation to won this year.

Comment from Naohiro Kosugi, General Manager, Intellectual Property Division

We wish to express our deep thanks to Thomson Reuters for selecting Yamaha as a "Top 100 Global Innovator 2015" because Yamaha's patent activities, based on collaboration with its R&D and its business, have been highly evaluated. This time, we are particularly pleased that the appraisal has increased for "globalization", which is linked to our strategy of establishing and strengthening our global patent portfolio. Looking ahead, we will continue to protect our globalized business through our intellectual property activities.

Thomson Reuters 2015 Top 100 Global Innovator

This year marks the fifth time for Thomson Reuters to announce its Top 100 Global Innovator list. Companies and institutions named among the top 100 global innovators are selected for the excellence of their intellectual property activities based on analyses of trends in these activities in data gathered by Thomson Reuters, one of the world's leading information service companies. The four evaluation criteria for selection are the "number of patents," "patent application success ratio," "securing of global patent rights," and "influence of patents as indicated by citations in other documents."

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